Friday, February 13, 2009

Listening to God

I'm preaching on the theme of listening to God next Sunday. Does anyone have any reflections or meditations on this theme?

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NWM said...

I conceptualize God a little differently than most people, being that I am an agnostic (though still quite a spiritual person, whatever that means) as well as a sociologist (and being the latter does make a difference). For me, one way of "listening to God" is to listen to people, on both an individual and a collective scale. Seeking out the needs of others, listening to their joys and concerns, understanding their cries for help as well as their cries of joy; simply listening to the voices of humanity. Being attentive to others, as well as to ourselves, and being responsive to what we hear is how I listen to God. From the friend that has had a bad day, to the desperate situations of (e.g.) low-income working mothers in U.S. society, I try my best to empathize with others' situations, and then do what I can to help/support/uplift/bring light to/take joy with them. C'est ca.