Wednesday, December 5, 2012

Our Role In These Times

Awakened by the present violence, 
I wonder what we as young adults have to offer our church.

What role do young adults play in fostering openness 
in the Church of the Brethren?

Feel free to interpret "openness" in a way most connected to your hopes, 
whether they be theological, ecological, inclusion of marginal groups... 
the sky is the limit.

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Bill Scheurer said...

On Earth Peace Insight Session for 2013 AC in Charlotte

"Demographics is Destiny" - Arthur Kemp. How is the next generation of "emerging adults" naturally fostering common ground, openness, and inclusion in the Church of the Brethren -- while the current generation of adults remains locked in conflicting divisions? What else can they do together as a more intentional force for transformation of the church? How do young people handle their differences?