Sunday, July 11, 2010

Polity, prophecy, and the issues we don't like to name

by Nick Miller Kauffman

I've heard a few voices--usually moderate or conservative voices--saying the Church is "weary" of the "homosexual issue," or even that the matter is "settled."  It certainly isn't settled: the very fact that we continue to talk about it demonstrates that.  And in response to those who think we should just move on and deal with other things, I would only say that some of us do not have the privilege of being weary.

Riffing off this strong belief that this is something we need to talk about, and the special response conversations that will soon be going on across the denomination, I would like to see a few separate pieces addressing the queer rights/same-sex covenants issues in the Church of the Brethren, with special attention to responding to Monday night's sermon by Earl Fike, Jr.  I'm going to write something supportive of the sermon, and I think I have someone lined up to criticize it from the "left" (i.e. saying it doesn't go far enough).  I'd like to see someone critical of the sermon from the "right," and perhaps someone critical from a more moderate position (i.e. arguing that it was simply not constructive).  If you'd like to write a response and aren't on the authors list, comment on this post or send a message to kauffni (at) bethanyseminary (dot) edu and I'll add you.

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Nico said...

Also don't forget that the WORSHIP LEADER for that service was one of our very own young adults and blog commenters, Bekah Houff. Maybe she'll write us a post someday!