Tuesday, June 15, 2010

Things I want for this blog

1. Authors!  Authors!  Authors authors authors authors authors!  I'm SURE you--yes, YOU--have something to write.  Do it!  Not why I started this post, but it had to be included.

2. I want a cool banner.  Preferably something involving feetwashing and foursquare.  I know there are wonderfully talented photographers/photo-editors out there.

3. I want this site to have its own look.  My general lack of talent has left me limited to the default Blogspot themes.  If anyone thinks they can spice things up I'll be happy to bring on, say, an "artistic administrator."


Brian Gumm said...

I affirm the desire for a non-template look and feel for this blog. There are some new tools and templates that Blogger recently unveiled which give a lot more variety than what used to be available.

More authors could be nice, too. If you do that (you could even do it now), it might be wise to move the author field from the bottom of each post to the top. Otherwise, you read an entire post before you explicitly see who wrote it.

For my part, I stuck FWFS in my blogroll over my blog, and continue to check in, hopefully adding some worthwhile comments, as best as I can do being a random (to you) Brethren dude at a Mennonite seminary out in Virginia.

I'm glad I stumbled on this blog. Being the only Brethren in a Mennonite seminary has been lonesome in some ways, so I'm happy to be able to make contact in this fashion, tenuous though it may be. Thanks, Nick (et al)! Keep posting!

Nico said...

Right after I read your comment I logged in and Blogger said "check out our new template designer!" And I said "OK!" But I stuck with this super-simple theme because I don't like clutter.

Nico said...

Brian: If you want to write some entries and/or cross-post some of the content from your blog, I just need an e-mail address so I can invite you. Hit me up at kauffni (at) bethanyseminary (dot) edu